Legally Guaranteed Income: 3 Ways to Triple Your Dividends

“Executive Cigar” Stocks Yield Up to 16.7%

Do you love dividends? Sure you do!

And why wouldn’t you? You can collect regular income checks for stocks you already own. It’s like the company is sending you a little present each and every month.

As an investor, it can add up fast: since 1960, 84% of the total return of the S&P 500 Index can be attributed to reinvested dividends. But not all dividends are made the same…

Right now, the average S&P dividend yield hovers around 1.5%.

That’s great if you want to make money slowly. But think about it – for every $100 of stock you have, you get a measly buck fifty. You’d have to spend thousands for any decent dividend return. But what most investors don’t know is that you can spend only a fraction of that to reap even more income. 

And you don’t have to sacrifice safety for those larger dividend payouts.  

I’ll let you in on a little secret…

There is a select group of companies (that you’ve likely never heard of) that pay out dividends three, four, five, or even 10x higher than the S&P average.

I’m talking about safe dividend payouts of up to 16.7%!

You might be asking, how is a dividend that high safe?

Because thanks to an obscure “Executive Cigar” order in 1960, this group of companies is required to distribute 90% of their taxable income to shareholders annually in the form of dividends. That’s right, they must legally pay you almost all of their income – sometimes each and every month. 

If they don't, they’ll lose their coveted “Executive Cigar” status.

You won’t hear about these stocks from the squawking heads on CNBC or Bloomberg. That’s because these companies don’t make money from headlines.

They don’t boom and bust from hype. These solid dividend giants go about their business quietly while delivering outsized payouts to their shareholders. 

Right now, I’ve targeted 3 of these “Executive Cigar” companies, which according to my research, are undervalued, have the biggest profit potential, and have some recession-proof characteristics… 

The first company has been increasing dividends for 18 years straight and paying a stable 8% dividend to its investors even during the worst of the pandemic.

The second company’s profitability is 110.3% higher than the industry average, and it has a 7.8% dividend!

And the third company has a five-year annualized dividend growth rate of 65.98% and yields triple what the average S&P 500 stock does.

Stop barely getting by on tiny dividend crumbs that the blue chips serve you. Start feasting on juicy dividends right now – and for years to come. It’s time you enjoyed the “Executive Cigar” treatment.

Just put your email in the box below, and we will send you the names, ticker symbols, and our detailed research of all three companies. 

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