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What is The Profit Sector?
What’s the benefit of our free newsletter?
What’s the difference between the free and paid newsletters?
Need to contact us?
Not receiving emails?
How do I contact an editor?
Want to cancel your subscription?
How do I know if I'm being charged for a service from The Profit Sector?
When will I receive my first issue?
What brokers do you recommend?
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Do you offer personalized investment advice?

What is The Profit Sector?

Short version? The Profit Sector aims to simplify your investing and ensure short and long-term returns without resorting to the whack-a-mole game of today’s investment fads. You can read more here.

A simpler version is that we offer expertise, experience, and – the hardest of them all – our time. We've committed a lot of them all in the past, It's worked out pretty well for our readers. We'd like to prove it can do the same for you as well.

What’s the benefit of our free newsletter?

We have decades upon decades of experience with trading and providing market analysis between all of us. Our editors' analysis has been read or viewed by millions of people.

But each and every time someone signs up, it's a matter of proving to them, on an individual level, that what we offer is worthwhile. We don't kid ourselves. Our business only stands out from the crowd if the information provided by it does, and it starts with building trust.

The benefit for you is that it's our job to prove it. We’ll send our market analysis through our free list and there will never be a cost to it. All we need is an email address so we know where to send it. You can decide where to go from there and we'll thank you for the opportunity.

We will never ask for more information than an email address for a free newsletter. You can join or leave whenever you want.

What’s the difference between the free and paid newsletters?

The free newsletter is a good start, but we have A LOT more to offer, including:

  • Extensively detailed analysis of individual stock recommendations with recommended buy and sell prices
  • Continuously tracking companies of interest with updated information and guidance
  • Maintain a portfolio you can track alongside our experts
  • Forward looking analysis for stocks we’re starting to watch, even before we pull the trigger

We think it’s worth it, and we think you'll agree. That’s on us to prove, we know.

We’re happy if you give us a chance to prove our worth. We want to keep our subscribers for many years to come. Really it’s the only way our business works. That's why we keep some of the best refund policies you'll find from any online publication. Our overriding goal is to build a unique kind of long-term trust.

A big part of that is being very clear about what is involved. We will send an order confirmation and receipt if you choose to subscribe to a paid service. We’ll make it extremely clear what the cost will be and how to cancel and get a refund.

Need to contact us?

The best way is by email through [email protected].

We’re all old enough to remember when this wasn’t exactly a preferable way of doing business but times have changed. It’s fast, easy, and – even if you’re having problems with receiving emails – your email should get through from your end even if the emails you should get aren't from ours.

Regardless, here’s everything:
The Profit Sector, LLC
415 1st Ave N #19868
Seattle, WA 98109

If you decide to call please leave a message. We’ll get back to you ASAP.  Calls have a strange way of coming in all at once but we want to resolve any concerns anyone has as quickly as possible. Sometimes that means we’ll have to get back to you a bit later.

Again, email is a great way to spell out exactly what you want and makes it easy for you and us to track it – and  [email protected] are the best ways to make sure that’s possible.

Not receiving emails?

Everything we’ll send will come from [email protected] and the easiest way to make sure you don't miss anything is to add this email address to your saved contacts.

Another great way to make sure all emails go straight to your inbox is to reply to, or send a message to the same email address, again, [email protected].

How do I contact an editor?

A lot of readers reach out to us with questions, concerns, and often some really insightful information, but we have to ask you to send everything to [email protected]. It’s for the best.

First off, we can track all correspondence and make sure our editors receive it. Second, all of our staff can see any and all concerns. It’s a one-stop-shop for whatever you need to know from us, or what we should know from you.

Want to cancel your subscription?

If you’re signed up for our free newsletter, it’ll be as easy as using the unsubscribe link that is sent within all of them.

Don’t see it? Just reply and type “unsubscribe” and we’ll make sure you’re off the list. It may take a couple days depending on when emails are scheduled to be sent but we’ll take care of it with as much urgency as anything else. We don’t want to be a bother.

If you want to cancel a paid subscription, the options listed above are best to make sure it is handled promptly and without issue. For convenience:
[email protected]

The web page link and email address, again, make it far easier to make sure it is easy for both you and us to track.

How do I know if I'm being charged for a service from The Profit Sector?

We will make it very clear if you're signing up for a paid service. As mentioned above, you'll receive an order confirmation with a charge receipt. You'll see exactly what is involved before you can even sign up for a service that involves a charge. But sometimes we find ourselves in a spot where we need to figure out where a charge is coming from.

Here is the easiest way to know. Charges that show up on a credit card statement, on paper or in an online statement, will specifically cite THEPROFITSECTOR.COM, The Profit Sector, or will list the physical address, email address, or phone number listed below in the “Need to contact us?” section.

When will I receive my first issue?

Short answer? Immediately or close to it. Long answer? We submit encrypted information as soon as we receive an order and send our content as soon as we receive confirmation. Normally it is really fast. Sometimes it takes a bit longer. It's a safe bet that, once you’ve subscribed, you’ll receive your first issue within a day. Same goes for any bonus reports.

If this is not the case for you, the easiest way to fix it is to make sure [email protected] has been added to your contacts, or send an email to it. Check your spam folder, and if you still don't have it, let us know right away.

What brokers do you recommend?

This gets tricky but we can help some. Our recommendations are going to be for USA and sometimes Canadian stocks. If you live in either country your options are pretty diverse, and it all depends on what you want to do.

At the same time, many account types, especially ones with particular tax rules and exceptions, can be limiting.

The easiest way to make sure our stock recommendations can be useful is to reach out to whatever retirement or trading account you have and ask, “can I trade individual stocks through USA and Canadian brokerages through this account, and what fees or restrictions are involved?”

After that you can compare their response to whatever you find online.

While we don’t specifically endorse any of these brokerages, the following are established and relatively safe by virtually any measure: Fidelity, Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, and Interactive Brokers (perhaps the best for Canadian investments from the USA).

Specific account types, investment minimums, and other issues are variable on an individual level. Here is the pro tip we can offer: start by asking companies you work with first and make sure you compare it to others right after.

It’s a lot like car insurance. It’s a pain to set up but, once it’s done with good rates and fees, you’re normally in good shape for years to come.

Live outside the USA? Still want to subscribe?

Our analysis is sent regardless of where you are but your ability to capitalize on it may be limited. We wish we could give more guidance but it really depends on the account you are able to trade stocks through.

A lot of trading platforms for international investors offer access to the U.S. stock markets, but since we do not control them we cannot make any guarantees.

Also, as a general recommendation, be very careful about the kinds of fees and transaction charges they may impose on you. They can be very costly over time if you aren’t vigilant.

We aren’t going to specifically recommend them since we can’t know all the variables involved but again – Interactive Brokers is a top-notch international broker, either for U.S.-based investors looking outwards, or international investors looking for easy access to the U.S. markets.

Do you offer personalized investment advice?

There are many questions we can answer regarding our research and analysis. Feel free to send your questions our way. We'll answer what we can through our newsletters. There are still limitations though, and here are some common examples…

  • How much should I invest?
  • Can I buy this stock in this account?
  • What does this mean for my taxes?
  • Should I pick this stock over another?

Do you see a theme? We cannot answer some questions because we cannot know how it will work with the rest of your investments, or taxes, or anything else, without a TON of extra information. The kind of information that is so sensitive that the Securities and Exchange Commission regulates who is allowed to see it.

Any good answer from us would become personalized advice.

We know. This is a very boring and unsatisfying answer. It's for the best though. It's an entirely different style of financial service. Financial advisors have a fiduciary role – a legal obligation to act in your best interest with this very personal and sensitive information – that has become increasingly complicated. We'd rather draw a very clear line.

There are a lot of great advisors out there but be very careful who you hire. A contract will be involved. Protect your sensitive information and make sure, in writing, that your info will not be shared with others. Make sure it is very clear, in writing, what services they provide and how they are compensated, especially if any investment they discuss involves any form of compensation from anyone BESIDES you.

It's extremely complex, and we focus on one thing – clean and concise information about stocks and the markets. However you choose to use that is up to you. Nice and simple.

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